Here are images of commonly used camera cables in video making.

Camera cable: RCA Cables
RCA Cables

RCA cables: Used for older audio/visual equipment. The yellow plug carries video signals. The red and white are audio.

Camera cables: XLR audio cables
XLR Cables

XLR cables: Used for microphones/professional audio. The cables carry a balanced signal.

Camera cable: 1/8" audio mini plug
1/8″ Mini Plug

Mini plug: Used for audio. Two black rings on the plug indicate stereo signal capability.

Camera Cables: 1/4" camera audio cable
1/4″ cable

1/4″ audio cable: Used for audio. Two black rings indicate stereo signal capability.

USB cables: See here for various USB cable types. USB cables connect computers and devices for data transfer.

Camera cables: HDMI cables
HDMI cables

HDMI cables: HDMI cables are the modern standard for connecting audio/visual devices. The cables carry both digital audio and visual signals.

HDMI Cables

Camera cables: S-video camera cable
S-video Cable

S-video cable: An S-video cable is used for a standard definition video connection. It carries video signals only; separate audio cables are needed.

Camera cable: Firewire cable
Firewire cable

Firewire cable: Used for video transfer, usually from tape-based camcorder to DV recorder.