Pony Gayle – LGBTQ Docu-Series Takes Off

August 29, 2016

Writer/producer Pony Gayle talks to us again about OUTrageous, her evolving LGBTQ docu-series now midway through its first season. She first spoke with us back in November of 2014.

OUTrageous features members of the LGBTQ community talking about their lives, their experiences, their hearts. At once touching and searing, the show presents glimpses into the lives of people often marginalized by society.

Producer Pony Gayle

Pony Gayle

Gayle envisioned OUTrageous as an interactive web series. It quickly evolved into its present format. “The original series idea wasn’t working,” she says, “and it felt like something was missing. The docu-series format with different topics and guest stars from the LBGTQ community felt like a better fit.

“We can cover more topics and we still reach out to our audience for ideas, ask them to share their stories and possibly be on the show.”

Production Funding

Recognition for OUTrageous is building. Says Gayle, “We got funding from a production company to do three episodes of the web series, in its current format. They loved it and gave us funding for five more episodes, total of eight for season one.

“So far the response has been wonderful,” Gayle says. “That’s why we got more funding. A distributor (also) reached out to us and we are now on Roku and soon to be on Amazon Prime.”

LGBTQ Participants

Community participation is at the heart of OUTrageous. “We have reached out to people,” says Gayle, “through social media and friends, and people have in turn reached out to us.”

Episode 1 –

Conversations with two female to male transgender actor/comedians Ian Harvie and D’Lo

Ian Harvie

Ian Harvie








Episode 2 –

Two male to female transgenders Billie Lee and Ko

Ko and Billie Lee

Ko and Billie Lee





Episode 3 –

LB and Rachel, a lesbian married couple with twin babies

LB and Rachel

LB and Rachel






Episode 4 –

Lesbian couple Jane and Donna. Both are vegan and animal rights activists.

Jane and Donna

Jane and Donna






Gayle says a viewer “reached out to our OUTrageous e-mail. She’s a transgender male to female from India, who said she was a fan of the show. She told us her story and she will be in upcoming episode five.”

OUTrageous aims to feature “the different shades of the queer community.” Gayle and on-air host Solaris elicit a warm, honest response from each of the participants. “We try to make people feel comfortable and tell them up front we want to hear their story however they want to tell it.”

Gayle hopes that her show features “the different shades of the queer community.”

What’s next for Gayle? “Hopefully we’ll get funding for season two and take it from there.”



Find all current episodes here: OUTrageous website.