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Producer Pony Gayle

Pony Gayle

November 12, 2014

The reality show OUTrageous is the brainchild of veteran producer/writer/filmmaker Pony Gayle. Gayle is developing the show as an interactive web series.

What kind of story is she hoping to tell with the project? “A real life story,” says Gayle. “This is a passion project for me. I feel it is important to showcase a series about great women who are part of the LGBTQ community. We are in a historical time with LGBTQ issues at the forefront of the civil rights struggle. Our show will show a slice of our personal investment in this civil rights movement from an everyday perspective.”

In structuring OUTrageous as an interactive web series, Gayle states, “I want to reach out to the community so they can tell us their stories. We are so lucky in Los Angeles, it’s very gay-friendly – which is not the case in many other states. There are still gay teens committing suicide because of their sexuality, and people getting gay bashed. If a teen in Texas, for instance, had a place to reach out to, it could help them not feel so alone and maybe save a life.

“We want to reach out to the straight community too – to help fight homophobia. There may be someone that has a gay family member and doesn’t understand, but watching the cast and being able to interact, and ask questions, could be life changing.”

Gayle says that community is a central theme for the series. “Living in such an exciting time for LGBTQ rights,” she says, “it is important to remember what is important, that we are all people just who want to connect.”





Pony Gayle and Martha Sanchez

Pony Gayle and Media Consultant Martha Sanchez

The five cast members, all real-life women in the LGBTQ community, “will not only be discussing hot topics with each other but also with the audience via social media. Audience members will be able to share their submissions with our cast as well as have live interactive Skype/podcast sessions with the ladies.

OUTrageous cast and producer


“Each episode will highlight current community issues, as well as these women’s personal experiences. Furthermore, these women will come together to talk about issues that they encounter in their day-to-day lives and within the community.”

“In casting the show,” Gayle says, “I wanted women that felt comfortable in front of the camera, were interesting and diverse. At some point we hope to work more people into the cast, such as a transgender and possibly a gay-friendly straight girl. I want the LGBTQ community to feel represented. That’s why we will have guests during discussions, friends and family of cast, to hopefully help do that.”

Gayle wants the behind-the-camera production values of OUTrageous to be strong. “We are trying to raise money with our Indiegogo campaign to ensure a

production crew

Production crew

quality show. We have a great team of experienced people lined up to work on the show. I have worked in the industry for nineteen years, and know a lot of great production and post people, and keep meeting more. But we need to be able to pay them.”

Follow the progress of OUTrageous on the Indiegogo site.

Photo credits: Qumaru Nisa